Juventus-Naples: San Gennaro and the Three Card Game

Juventus-Naples: San Gennaro and the Three Card Game

Armoriale delle famiglie italiane (Sq-Sy) - WikipediaThe decisive challenge for Serie A has finally arrived: tonight Juventus and Napoli will play the most important match of the season. According to what the investigators ascertained, the goods were intended for street vendors on the occasion of the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera, which will take place this weekend in Misano, or outside the Cesena stadium for Serie A matches. The investigation, coordinated by the Forlì prosecutor's office, was triggered after the seizure of a dozen items in a shop in the center of Cesena. At the end of the match, the Azzurri players went under the curves of the San Paolo stadium to receive the well-deserved applause of the Neapolitan supporters who supported Maurizio Sarri's boys until the end. The Roman midfielder received from Sergej Milinković-Savić and beat Olsen again with his left foot, running to celebrate under the Curva Nord. That same continent that heavily sends us back the bill, in the form of adrift boats, with women and children fleeing poverty.

pink In the flight of Piccinino's men, even 60 women are killed, trampled by horses, who, by order of the Umbrian leader, are found at the roadside with containers full of water ready to quench the soldiers' thirst. A victory where there is a hand in the Italian coach Alberto Zaccheroni, who enjoys a well-deserved personal success after years of meager satisfaction in Serie A. When it comes to collecting the trophies (not only the cup, but also personal prizes) the Blue Samurai compounds present themselves with brand new adidas jerseys and with four beautiful golden stars: one for each Asian Cup won (1992, 2000, 2004 and 2011). The well-established tradition of wearing the uniform after a victory. A pity, because Napoli were superior for the first 25 minutes. «I thank Mayor Brugnaro for the great attention he has given to the matter» commented the former general director of the Fbc Unione Venezia Dante Scibilia, «he has been involved and present since day one. MerchandisingPlaza is the right place for you. 38′- Insigne scores in the net, but the referee cancels everything for offside.

Inter, Ramires avvisa i nerazzurri: ‘Voglio la Serie A’ The referee, however, stops everything for offside. Too bad for the final result. Napoli conquers the eighth consecutive useful result thanks to today's victory against the Ciociari. The big match ends in Turin: Napoli conquers the Allianz Stadium thanks to Koulibaly's goring. The first half of the big Serie A match between Juve and Napoli ends without goals: the bianconeri, in addition to the post, did not create any goal opportunities. 1′-The second half begins. Two more minutes to play in this first half. Then as the minutes go by, Inter's center of gravity moves forward. Four minutes from the end of the first fraction, Ounas puts his signature on a ballistic masterpiece. 1′- The match begins: first ball handled by Napoli. Lucca is besieged by Sforza and Gattamelata. 7′- Hamsik's great shot into the area: the ball lands on the outside of the net. 7′- The game is stopped to allow Chiellini to come to the rescue: the defender has a muscle problem. Serie B would be a disaster and the systematic reduction of Bologna to a vehicle for other business is also a disaster, which is lawful and sacrosanct if at the same time the team is given the dignity it deserves and which today, I'm sorry, but is denied.

La mia micia di nome Biscia che e' venuta da Calabria a Piemonte.... Nerazzurri are now also looking for a winger, the main objective is always Malcom. Now I expect Cevenini or whoever is responsible to clarify the matter relating to the money of the associations and the appointment to be made to the CDA. We now need to see if the "manual" will be re-proposed all the same, if it will be amended, or if it will be definitively trashed. I wonder if Guaraldi is playing the President convinced that he has positive popularity, or is he having a public disgrace? If you are incompetent and don't know the world of football, wouldn't it be better to be fans and not presidents? Also noteworthy is the debut of Meret, immediately with a clean sheet. At this point I could buy Bologna too, it paid for itself. Napoli is a solid team, at this point all the remaining ones are. It is truly our conviction that in so many of our contemporaries who are searching, we can discover an authentic thirst for God. The bang of the Redeemer earlier than midnight: the ball passes from the hands of the Russians to those of the Americans.

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